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    Rescue. Rehabilitate. Conserve.


    Welcome to our sanctuary's website!


    We are a small rescue & rehabilitation center that specializes in the rehabilitation,

    husbandry and medical treatment of the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. We have expertise in rearing and rehabilitating every mammal species from mice to coyotes. We will admit most mammal species under 25 pounds and several avian species as well.

    If you have found a wild animal which you think needs rescue,
    please call asap:

    (315) 538-8316
    The sooner you transfer the animal(s) over to our facility,
    the better chance of survival and eventual release.



  • Time to Make a Difference.

    Rescue. Rehabilitate. Conserve.

    Founder, Carrie M. Leo

    Caring For Cottontails Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.

    Raised in the countryside of New York State, I developed an interest in wild and domestic animals and dreamed about working with animals as I grew up. But after attending college in New York City, I returned back to my roots and stayed close to family.


    Through years of working in (what seemed like) every industry other than the one I had always wanted, I finally decided to follow my enduring dream of working with animals of all kinds.


    In 2012, I organized a small effort in the rehabilitation and keeping of wild animals. The following year, I started keeping and working with exotic animals - which are much different than the state's indigenous wildlife. The working project was incorporated into a charitable business and offered educational opportunities for the surrounding community. - working with college students, exotic animal veterinarians, and other facilities renown for keeping exotic and wild animals.

    I'm passionate about working with animals about which few people know. I also am passionate about defending my liberty to do so. I intend to continue on and work with endangered species someday soon; hopefully, the African Painted Dog.